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Saturday, 18 March 2006


Tom L

.... and that, gentle readers is the first in hopefully mnay such pieces by the inimacable mdoak, who I've invited here to help me out and provide a counterpoint (punch?) to my normal ramblings and vague schizophrenia.

Welcome aboard, MD, and great job... I agree completely that this team has done nothing more than raise it's own expectations to nothing less than the first major championship in the history of professional Buffalo Sports(tm).


Jerry C

There would be nothing better than to see a subdued Sabres team as the wins keep coming. Picture this, taking 4 of six in the first round, HBSC is in a frenzy and the players solemnly shake hands and skate to the locker room. Quotes afterward revolve around avoiding mistakes, it is only one series or the job is not finished yet. Focus, determination and good coaching drive this team and that is what will take us through the post season. Here’s to watching the Sabres in June!

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