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Tuesday, 07 March 2006



I'm embarrassed that with all of your great comments, the thing I have to mention was the Boston TV people. I think they were about to stomp their feet and run out screaming "Moooooom, these refs aren't being faaaaair." I do agree that Danny should have let up and moved over a bit though. It was a bit much. However, I agree that we outplayed them, and I don't know when TV personalities will suck it up and be objective. I think Rick Jeanneret is first to admit when the Sabres are looking like crap and he's been with the organization for how long, 25 years? I know I have a silly rant here, but having Center Ice can really get on my nerves with that stuff.

Tom L

Howdy, Amanda!

Yeah... they were laying it on a bit thick last night, but there wasn't much else for them to talk about... because, well, as we all know, the B's just aren't very good.

I'd been saving up my 'running the goalies schpeel' for a while now, it is something that bothers the crap out of me. The circumstances surrounding last night's game just seemed appropos.

Danny didn't really do anything that terrible, I agree. Mostly my comments were aimed at the inevitable parade of no-name Steve Moore/Kirk Maltby types who will run the goalie with the sole intention of knocking him out of the game.

That crap has got to be removed from the game, and from that perspective the Boston announcers had it right last night.

Thanks for stopping by.


p.s. I know the Maltby crack is going to arouse the ire of the Wings bloggers (if they ever get around to reading this that is), but I'll stand by it.

lou c

regier has been a very respectable gm for the buffalo sabres, his trades have done nothing but improve the sabres during his tenure. make no mistake there is a history of blockbuster heists when the sabres make trades, for example hasek for ruutu, or wilson for peca, but regier has gotten dumont, a former third overall pick, for grosek who is no longer even contributing in the league, and not to mention they threw in doug gilmour.
to say that chris gratton was a disappointment to sabres fans would be an understatent to say the least, so why would anyone complain about regier when he got rid of the goofy center for a sparkplug named breire? he does what the boss wants and the business is running smoothly. looking back into the past you realize that this team is no fluke or flash in the pan, they are a business operation in which all parts are in place for success, and apparently its working.
in response to accusations of incompetence by regier during the offseason this is what the boss said"I understand that," Golisano said. "But we can't let their impatience drive us to bad decisions. . . . This is not a game of do whatever it takes and spend as much money as you need to get the best players. That doesn't guarantee results, for sure. What it requires is finding players who can work together as a unit that have complementary skills and also meet the dollar specifications."

looking at that statement now it almost seems prophetic.
with a coach like ruff you know there will be no problem defensively, however he has had problems getting his players to put the puck in the net, that seems to be remedied now because he examined the nature of the game post lockout and realized that following the rules is more important now than ever and the team has responded with its best season post sixty games ever. when nick boynton takes three penalties in one game and blames it on dives, he should practice more and talk less, because the dive has been around as long as hooking.

Tom L

Lou C,

Welcome and thanks for your well considered thoughts. I agree that both Ruff and Regier have done a great job rebuilding this team, with no small amount of credit going to Mr. B.TomG as well.

The angst and criticisms levelled at all of them during the pre-season and, to a lesser extent, the lockout came from a good place, though. The people I heard such things from truly care about the franchise in a healthy and respectable way. In this case, though, they happened to have been wrong... and thankfully, man enough to see that.

All that matters now is that we are prepared mentally and physically for the playoffs to make as much noise as possible. The fans in Buffalo deserve a champion, and more importantly, a team to be proud of.

I look forward to your repeated visits here...

Thanks again.


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