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Saturday, 04 February 2006


mark seland

fyi...anybody watching the buffalo / ottawa game last nite just got a glimpse of the eastern conf. finals this year...the u.s. olympic committee needs to get miller in the nets if it wants any chance of gainning a metal in the olympics this month...pop a beer it's miller time!!!!!

David Lee

"For this effort we'll probably drop in the TSN standings because Kalinin got injured."

It seems like no matter what you guys do, TSN won't rank you higher than 8. My good friend Amanda says this all the time, and at first, I thought she was just a little too sensitive about it.

I can't wait for next Sunday. I've always been sort of partial to the Sabres, and the way both of our clubs have been playing make it a dream matchup.

You'll hear all about it either way.


Tom L


Do not count out D-Lee's Carolina Hurricanes. The Lavalamp has them playing nigh-perfect hockey and with the addition of Doug Weight, they might have the best corps of pivots in the league. Mobile Defense, solid goaltending and a great transition game...


Tom L


It's become almost comical what that guy's excuse will be this week. Honestly, if I wasn't such a nit-picker about them I'd be outraged.

But, with wins over Ott and Philly this week I expect us to drop off the rankings completely and the Leafs will probably show up twice.

I'm really looking forward to the next game between our clubs... it should be an outright blast.


Cat P.

SO HAPPY to see Ryan Miller doing so well. Always knew the MSU Spartan had it in him! :)

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