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Thursday, 09 February 2006



Let's not forget the cherry on top: one of those 'empowered to protect and serve,' state trooper James J. Harney, has also been charged. That's something the general public should be vastly more concerned about.

Tom L


Thanks for reminding me of that lil factoid... and, of course, you are absolutely right. While everyone will be focusing on Gretz's involvement in this this will be lost in the noise.

Today's Lewrockwell.com had a great article by Jeff Tucker on Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the desire for 'good' government... Check it out here because that's the dirty little secret why things like gambling regulations always fail and create even more corruption than what existed before the regulation was enacted.

Thanks for contributing.



Wake me up when there's evidence that players bet against their own teams and tried to fix games. Until then.....

Do you guys EVER lose???
(in regulation)

(are you thinking the same about my team? :-)

Tom L


Agreed, Casonblog, in the comments over on jesgolbez's blog, made mention that leaks to the press like this are nothing more than fishing expeditions, exaggerations or outright lies to try and get someone to jump the wrong way.

What bothers me is that the tactics they use to try and get someone to 'confess' are not reciprocal. They can lie, cheat, cajole, extortr, threaten... what have you, and they're just doing their job. While if the defendant puts a word or two out of place (see Martha Stewart) they're screwed.

And, no, we don't lose in regulation. :)

The boys played a pretty crappy game tonight and got a point. Montreal played their best game and barely eeked out a win.



Tom -

Also, I thought you made an excellent point in this most fascinating post about the rise of poker as an acceptable form of entertainment/behavior mitigating at least some of the damaging PR the league may receive. And it's not just poker; all over this country states are turning to legalized gambling as a means of raising revenue and hiding defecits, and the good folks in Buffalo know all about that given the current battle over the proposed casino there. Yonkers Raceway, a harness track just north of NYC is about to open what will be the 4th largest gaming venue in the country in terms of number of machines. Pataki has proposed several stand-alone casinos in addition to the existing and pending ones at racetracks. Pennsylvania is set to explode with gambling all over the state.

Delaware, West Virginia, Florida (despite the hypocritical opposition of Jeb Bush, under whose administration state lottery games have proliferated)....I could go on and on. Not to mention New Jersey itself, home of Atlantic City...and the only reason the racetracks don't have slots yet is because the AC casinos are paying them off and subsidizing the purses.(Shameless plug: check out my blog for more on this stuff :-). Whatsmore, while this NHL "scandal" involves people like Ms. Gretzky who can well afford to throw away 50 grand on the Super Bowl if that's how she chooses to spend her money, these casinos entice many people who can ill afford to have their states' budgets balanced on their backs. Really, who cares if players are betting on football games, jeez! This is almost a non-story as far as I'm concerned. Now I'm getting my blood pressure elevated as well. Let's drop the damn puck and play some hockey.


Tom, how much of this do you think is elevated by the MSSM (mainstream sports media) that is shocked (shocked!) that people actually gamble on sporting events? I mean, newspapers publish lines daily and commentators always discuss the way "the public" or "Vegas" might feel on a particular tilt. But for me, it's the rise of the "Media-ization" of sports - it starts at the local level to some extent with sportstalk - but has proliferated with WWLIS's attempt to penetrate all of sportsmedia with it's tentacles (ESPN, ESPNRadio, ESPNMoblie).
All these folks need content and filler to keep ratings up - so we get stuff like this - events that in most cases should be met with shrugs instead blown up all over in the name of "informing the public." I am sick of being "informed", I think.

Too some extent, this is happening in the real world as more and more people tailor their habits towards blogs and Fox News and daily Kos. Your wish will come true, my friend - where the individual wants, when he wants and how he wants it carry the day. That's a good thing.

Tom L


I have checked out your blog, very impressive. :) And, I agree completely, let's just drop the puck. Bettman's done the right thing in suspending Tocchet. Move along....


Tom L


So much of this society is based on this ridiculous 'push' model... while the internet has tried to replicate this model, it's different and it looks to me that people are choosing to not be 'pushed' as much anymore. The older generations are still comfortable with it than we are but I really think that control of information flow is being lost, which, as you point out, is a very good thing.

Don't ever forget that both the 'left' and the 'right' side of the MSM love the state. ESPN being one of the worst offenders [1]. Their argumentation is usually some fallacious straw man that pre-supposes only potential state interventions as a mechanism to frame the discussion wholly along those lines so that no matter what is chosen, their power/access increases. The media and government are natural strategic and tactical allies.... That's why I get most of my hockey news from blogs and HFBoards.


[1]If I ever sit through another sickening treatise on why the creation of Title IX is the greatest sports event of the 20th century, I'll probably projectile vomit... or at least need a new TV... and BTW, f#$k Christine Brennan, and has anyone noticed that Michael Wilbon and William Rhoden are flaming racists? It drivs me completely nuts. WHy does Buccigross still work there?


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