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Thursday, 02 February 2006


David Lee

Excellent post, and I have to concur that it is probably easier on Peter Laviolette than on Lindy Ruff.

However, what you've failed to acknowledge is that Lavi has done some things with this team that have nothing to do with the luxury of having a superstar in a breakout season. Last season, the Canes were dead last in power play scoring. This season, they are near the top of the league. Surely, this also has to do with some of the excellent free agent acquisitions. But here's where it has to do with coaching... They're setting up better, they're making better passes, they're being more patient.

And here's the big one. They're doing a MUCH better job of drawing penalties instead of taking them. Lavi did a spectacular job of getting the boys to adapt to the new rules. In the first few weeks of the season, while the refs were calling games tightly, other teams were struggling. Carolina was very well disciplined, and that was one of the reasons that they were able to get off to such a terrific start. That was even clear during the pre-season, when they were taking very few penalties.
Part of how he got them to adjust is that he threatened the boys with "herbies" if they play a game in which they take more than 4 penalties.

I don't wish to take anything away from Ruff, and I certainly can't analyze the Sabres as clearly as you've done with the Canes, but I think you should give Lavi a little more love.

Tom L


Thanks for chiming in. I was hoping you would do so as I really haven't had the chance to watch the Canes as much as I would like.

This debate is really coming down to very fine points, methinks. Both coaches have prepared for this season extremely well and either one is surely worthy of the award.

Thanks for the insight into the power play efficiency and that is a huge feather in The Lavalamp's favor. Both the Sabres and the Canes were disciplined early in the season and that cretainly helped both teams.

There's no doubt that the turn-around of the Carolina franchise started with Mad Mike firing Peter L. and his subsequent hiring and, I, for one, am really glad to see it.



Don't worry about Tom - he'll get 3 more times to see the your Canes play our Sabres over the next three months.

Tom L

And, I'll be getting Center Ice installed at my 2nd residence (yes, I'm probably the only person to pay for CI twice this year) on wednesday, so I'll actaully be able to watch the games as opposed to just listen to RJ on Internet Radio.

And, most definitely, the Canes are on my short list of teams to watch.


The Wife

Hooray! Now I don't have to miss any more games when I visit.

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