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Friday, 13 January 2006



On behalf of the Buffalo Sabres, we may have to ask you to stay on vacation through June.

I mean, a 10 spot is still a 10 spot.

James Mirtle

Hmmm, The Rock Boat sounds like a great idea. Who'd you go to see? Shawn Mullins is quite the artiste (and quite the story).


I believe Mullins did ROTC in college and served three years as an officer in the 101st (Air Assualt) Infantry Division.

Tom L

James, the boat was a lotta fun and all that... I think I had a better time last year, but that could be b/c I didn't get sick during the inclement weather we sailed through... I pounded my hands against the ceiling of the bar (standing on a table, of course) during Gaelic Storm's second show.

I've developed a strange case of vertigo along one axis that really screwed me up Wed. night (our stop in Progresso was cancelled b/c of the weather) and forced me to get up from the poker table just as the cards were starting to turn in my favor. I tried playing through nausea and cold sweats just to test my Poker Endurance, but that lasted all of about 45 minutes .after. I threw up.

I was there mostly to see the aforementioned Gaelic Storm, Marc Broussard and Zac Brown. I never did see Shawn Mullins and have yet to see a Sister Hazel show (even though I've lived in Gainesville during their entire run up to and through stardom). I mostly go to get out of the way of the world for a few, eat a lotta food, note the change in the Peso's exchange rate, watch the parade of crazy drunks and play a buncha poker, which I did. I even got one good night's sleep this year , oddly, it was the Night of Nausea, where once I laid down everything was right with the world and the boat rocked my fat ass to sleep for the next 10 hours.

I'll prolly put up a longer post on this later, which will include my first impressions of Texas (not good), the Yucatan Peninsula (better), and the frustration of not getting one face card for an hour while hundreds of $USD's flowed into other people's stacks.


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