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Wednesday, 25 January 2006



I have nothing to add, except that I think this is your best post yet. Well done.

Oh, and I saw the hit -- it was a clean hit, but IMO the intent was very dirty.


Sorry that your guy got hurt; that sucks. But if that check was any cleaner you could have performed surgery on it. Yeah, I'm a Rangers fan, but you should have a look at it before you pass judgment.

Tom L


I never said the hit was either clean or dirty. It doesn't matter. The truuth is that Karparaitis is a scumbag who will put himself in a position to injure someone cleanly or not, legally or not. Moreover, when asked to stand up and take account of his actions he runs and hides like the little bitch that he is. The only thing I pass judgement on is Kaspar himself... and I did so years ago. Nothing about him or the way he 'plays' the game has changed.

That was the point of the post, not the cleanliness or dirtiness of the hit. To me he has no remorse or shame in his soul. I don't believe in winning at any cost, I believe you win and lose with dignity and respect for your opponent.

When has he ever shown that he respects those he plays against?

Thanks for chiming in I understand where you are coming from. But, I think you missed my original point is all.

If Timmy hadn't gotten hurt on the play I would be just as mad, because it is the intent that matters, not the result. Why you do things is more important, ultimately, than what happens? Failing to injure someone when that was your intention doesn't make the attempt any less heinous.

Does that clarify things?



Understood. I suppose I felt the same way about him before he put on Ranger blue; funny how one's perspective can change. I would disagree with you about him being worthless though; he's done a good job and comes to play every night; and we don't have many guys who hit.

And I am really sorry that Connolly got hurt.

Tom L


Good Deal. IT is hard to remain objective when the guy plays for the team you love... Varada (and to a lesser extent Peca) played that way when they wore the AGH and it was hard for me to accept it then.... in hindsight I can see it more clearly.

And I only meant that Kaspar was worthless in the sense of his humanity not his hockey. He's a fine defensemen that I would never want to cheer for.


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