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Tuesday, 20 December 2005


James Mirtle

The thing with Miller is that had he not been hurt and kept playing the way he was earlier, he'd be on the team. He was hurt and Biron has taken the reins in Buffalo, making it tough for Team USA to bump international cogs like Esche and DiPietro. Esche has been there before, and as we'll see with the Canadian team when it's announced here shortly, that means a ton when it comes to naming the team. Grahame has played very well this season, too.

Miller will get his chances in the future, that's for sure.

Tom L


Thanks for stopping by and I understand the reasoning of why those three were selected, but my point is that, honestly, Waddell talked out of both sides of his mouth on this.

As you pointed out, if performance was the arbiter, Connolly would be centering the 4th line, not Weight.

Oh well, a little reality in the face of this awazing run of games is probably warranted.


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