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Thursday, 15 December 2005



"BYRON YOU SUCK!" That still makes me laugh.

I'm expecting this bandwagon to get a mite more crowded in the coming days. IMO, this was the biggest game of the season so far, and it's especially sweet that the AGH finally rewarded a large home crowd with a solid all-over game.


True...I even got my folks tickets to the game (I live in DC, they in Buffalo). I told my Dad, this game will be so good, I'll PAY for you to go it. They were sold...we'll all be at the Isles game on 12/26.

Tom L


If that guy (BYRON YOU SUCK!) isn't at the game on the 23rd I will consider it a 'less than optimal experience.'

And I'm all for the AGH guys getting some bandwagon fans, more money in the budget means more chance of keeping this group together to have the league salary cap actually affect our decisions.

Chris, that's a great story.... Give Miro a Jeer or two for me! And, remember, if you don't come home from the game hoarse, you've short-changed yourself. :)



I finally saw a Sabres game in person, but obviously only because the Stars were playing.

Biron managed to stand on his head despite allowing three goals - the Sabres' zone looked like a Chinese fire drill (excuse the expression) during the third period. I came away with a lukewarm impression.

I had great seats though, and they were cheap. First row behind the Stars' bench and a clear view of Bill Clinton for only $49!

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