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Wednesday, 30 November 2005



Tucker was never half as bad as Peca.


Chris Chelios/Kirk Maltby/Tomas Holmstrom et. al.

et. al. ... hehe.

...I also like the Darcy Tucker pick for worst leaf. I think he's my most hated in the league.

Good Call Overall.


No goal.


Nieuwendyk, Marshall, Hatcher, Thornton, AND Sydor is a bit much...

Is it safe to say Hull were he still playing?

Of course it is. What am I thinking?

(He had possession of the puck, by the way.)

Tom L

On Hull... Nah... why beat a guy when he's down. :)

It's not Brett's fault the league screwed up. Honestly, I always appreciated his demeanor. Sure, I hate the goal, but not him.

As for the others I have reasons for each:
Thornton only because I really like the Sharks as a team and he's the only one I have any negative thoughts on, after all they got rid of Marchment, Nolan and Selanne. He's grown on me since then. Hatcher's a sociopathic thug. Sydor is a cry-baby. Neiuwendyk gets away with murder in the faceoff circle and a serial-obstructor. Marshall I'll never forgive what he did to Kelly Buchburger's eye in the 98 series against EDM.

Here's hoping that clears things up.


p.s. Right on, P.J. ... No F'ing Goal!

Tom L

"Tucker was never half as bad as Peca."

...except when he submarined Mike the Whiner to destroy his knee... which was the only way that Leaf squad could beat anyone... with pure goonery. Tucker's a blight on the league... pure Maple Leaf, through and through.



I'm thinking you should be greatful to Hatcher for breaking Roenick's jaw at the end of '99. Made him shut up for almost three months.

It's kind of ironic how for such a loudmouth he gets so many injuries to that area.


i don't have a blog, but i have to get in on this.

Jokaheim: Scott Neidermayer / Selanne (it's because of him no one remembers Mogilny's 76-goal season!)
Atlanta: Greg DeVries / Slava Kozlov
Boston: Travis Green / Brian Leetch
Buffalo: Dumont and Connolly / Peters
Calgary: Warrener and Iginla / Marchment
Carolina: Cory Stillman / Brett Hedican
Chicago: Tuomo Ruutu / Martin Lapointe
Colorado: Brad May / Rob Blake
Columbus: Adam Foote / Sergei Federov
Dallas: Brendan Morrow and Stu Barnes / everyone else
Detroit: Thomas Holmstrom / Lidstrom and Chelios
Edmonton: Jason Smith / Mike Peca
Florida: Gary Roberts / Stephen Weiss (he always seems to score against us)
Los Angeles: Craig Conroy / Jeremy Roenick
Minnesota: Brian Rolston / no one really
Montreal: Saku Koivu / Richard Zednik
Nashville: Steve Sullivan / Paul Kariya
NJ: Gomez and Gionta / Langenbrunner
NYI: Brad Lukowich / Satan, DiPietro, Zhitnik, Hunter, Kvasha and Asham (sorry, couldn't decide)
NYR: Mike Nylander / Jagr
Ottawa: Varada and Mike Fisher / Hasek
Philly: Simon Gagne / Derian Hatcher
Phoenix: Shane Doan / Mike Comrie
Pitts: Ziggy Palffy / John LeClair
St. Louis: Barret Jackman / Doug Weight
San Jose: Patrick Marleau / none really
Tampa Bay: Fredrick Modin / Dave Andreychuk
Toronto: Darcy Tucker / Eric Lindros
Vancouver: Brendan Morrison / Jarkko Ruutu
Washington: Ovechkin / Jeff Friesen

I know, i say i really like Tuomo Ruutu, but i don't like his brother Jarkko. That's just how i am.

Tom L


Great list and thanks for chiming in. And, I'm with you actually. I'm a much bigger fan of Tuomo than Jarkko Ruutu.

And, for the record, I had to work pretty hard to find somonone on Minnesota to have a strong opinion about in either direction.



I agree about Minnesota. They are like a suicide cult. Once you join, you give up your personality and just do what you're told. Just makes me wonder what they're putting in their "water" bottles....

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