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Thursday, 20 October 2005


Gregory Markle

Even though I'm a huge Sabres fan, I've only ever been to two Sabres games...living in central PA hasn't forged many opportunities to go see them! Oddly, the two teams I've seen them play are the Rangers and the Islanders...the teams you mention above.

The Islanders game was on December 30th in 2001 and although it snowed over 18 inches across upper Jersey and the "city that makes it's own gravy", my buddy and I faithfully hopped into my ancient 1988 Mazda pickup and drove five hours in the slop to get there. Only 1,200 people showed up out of the 13,000 who bought tix and you could sit anywhere you wanted basically...but the tix I had bought on eBay for $76 each were on the glass right next to the Sabres penalty box (now you know why 18" of snow was no deterrent!) We had a great time and the fans were very friendly even though we were wearing Sabres jerseys...they also though we were friggin' nuts for driving 270 miles in a blizzard to get there! The game was great (Sabres won) but the one thing we noticed was the fans unbridled, absolute and vocal hatred of Mike Milbury. They chanted "Mike Must Go" constantly and the fans we talked to had nothing positive to say about him. Says it all really, I think we've got a great management team and I have few complaints about Lindy Ruff as he has, in many cases, performed damned well under some very trying circumstances over the past few years and it'll be nice to see what he can do with stable ownership and the salary cap bringing teams closer to what we're used to seeing spent.

Can't say much bad about my only Rangers game. Heck, it was in Madison Square Garden which simply oozes sports history, it was Mark Messier's last game and the Sabres won...but I also had to watch the scores from across the league and knew that Montreal held a huge lead in their game which meant that the Sabres were going golfing early that year...so it goes. My only gripe with the Rangers is that they have always tried to be the best team that money can buy but, since I am a Yankees fan also, I can't really make that a reason to HATE a team!

The Acid Queen

Thank the schedule-makers that the Wild and the Sharks were on at 8pm and I could turn the sound off while playing World of Warcrack.

When the Hurricanes and Blue Jackets play, I think I'm going to have the game on the tube with no sound and go bug-hunting in Silithus.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Tom L


That's great. I"ve been to Silithus once since the re-vamp and got smoked. Besides, those bugs creep me out.

60th Warlock and 48th Shaman on Dalaran Server.



The Acid Queen

Wow, completely missed this comment. My bad!

I've a 60 Hunter and 60 Mage on Stormrage/Alliance, but my access has been kinda sporadic cos I've been buying prepaid game cards rather than using a continuously-renewing subscription.

If you're ever on Stormrage/Alliance, send a shout to any member of Militis Justica and tell 'em Hericane sent you.

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