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17 October 2007



My wife is a pediatrician but strong believer in the Bill of Rights. She also asks the firearm question for well child exams. She does not work for the state - her mission is to offer advice to keep kids safe. Primarily she checks that if there are firearms, that the parents store them safely.

You'd b surprised how many parents are put loaded weapons under pillows, beds, in drawers where kids could find them.

The gun question is along the same lines of 'Do you have poison control number on the fridge, lock up dangerous chemicals/cleaners, put on their seat belt, etc...'



I get what you're saying, and I'm hoping there are no untoward motives on the part of our doc (read: that she believes it's her business to involve the state in entirely private matters).

Interestingly, however, I noticed on the questionnaire no inquiry into my ownership of the following items: aspirin, kitchen knives, gasoline, stairs, glass, extension cords, lighters, garbage bags, bicycles, etc.

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