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One-Line Bio

Tom Luongo is a professional chemist, amateur economist and obstreperous Southerner-In-Training who blogs about hockey mostly, and other far less important things on occasion.


Lifted shamefully from my bio over at because I'm too damn lazy to write another one.

Thomas Luongo was an active member of the libertarian movement for 5 years, before finding himself annoyed with the lack of character shown. In a former life he was just another angry Gen-X'er who had no idea what he was mad about. Now, he knows why he's so angry and that is what is driving him currently (some would say driving him crazy, and he'd probably agree with that assessment). He hoards gold and guns in the house he and his wife of 16 years and daughter of 13 months (as of May 2007) built by hand, one board at a time. On guard duty (while watching the dollar's Death Spiral) are two worthless German Shepherds and a nearly-undead cat.

Tom was raised, the youngest of four, by the only two Republicans left in the Hudson Valley area of New York. He left home to go to earn a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in English literature and poetry at the University of Florida in 1986. Since that time he has worked as an Analytic Chemist/Lab Manager with brief forays into both truck driving and unemployment. He is currently employed with a small electroless Nickel-Boron coating company where he hopes to make enough money to support his family by both his writing and his wits.

He's a complete hockey fanatic who publishes both a fairly successful Buffalo Sabres blog, Sabre Rattling and is, as well, empolyed at AOL sports covering the NHL for their sports blog, Fan House.

Weep for his wife.