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Saturday, 21 January 2006



One point on Poms...I don't think he would clear waivers. Someone would snatch him up, so does that make Derek Roy the odd man out?

This team is crying out for a two-for-one trade deal just to free up roster spots.


In my mind, the choice of who to dress is down to Pyatt or Pominville, and that isn't an easy choice to make. I think Taylor has more of a chance to push Kotalik to be the player he was a month ago, and has more of the physical attributes necessary to fill-in until (hopefully) Mair returns. I liked Pyatt's new game up until his injury, but Pominville has definitely been growing on me. There's gotta be a way to get them both in the lineup, but I just can't see Peters getting waived until Mair returns.

Tom L


I dunno about Peters not getting the waive. Goose cna hold the fort until Mair returns. Yes, he's more valuable in othere ways, but how often is Peters really called on to do his 'job?'

To me? Often enough to let Goose handle it.


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