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Tuesday, 30 August 2005



Overall, I agree with your assessment, but one of us (I can't say with authority which one, since I haven't read TB in a while) is misreading Tom Benjamin -- It seems to me that the Sabres are following TB's blueprint: a low-cost roster devoid of stars, which does one thing very well. In the Sabres case, this would be a speed and sniping game. My reading of the Benjamin blueprint is that you let the stars go, because stars don't win games. Am I wrong?

Tom L


You know I think I need to revise that sentence. Because it doesn't say what I wanted it to say.

My thought got derailed badly. Tom B. has complained that the CBA places so little emphasis on drafting that you cant' build from the ground up, but you also can't hold onto your stars... ergo, you must build a winner from the middle?

Thanks for pointing out that badly laid out thought, I'll make the change now.



For what it's worth, I agree with you that the draft is still important, and it's entirely possible to build from within -- but, like the Sabres seem to be doing, the only way you'll get that done is through depth. I agree with TB that the value of a draft pick is lower than ever, but only if you intend to build with star power. It's still a very valid way to build for depth.

Tom L

It is depth that will allow a team to be consistently competitive. It's how New Jersey did it. One or two bad drafts, though, will be devastating to a franchise of modest income like Buffalo.

Even with the salary cap and revenue sharing, there is still very little margin for error in handling assets. More than before, certainly, but still not a lot.

Where I think Tom B's analysis is wrong is over-emphasizing the damage wrought by 27 YO UFA's. I'm not convinced yet that this will have the effect he keeps harping on.

A flattened salary curve will create a greater percentage of players whose fist priority is not maximizing their salary. We're already seeing the beginnings of that, with the report of Redden and Chara being willing to accept slightly less to stay in Ottawa, for example.

If I'm right and that comes to pass, then the UFA age will be less of an issue than it is right now, thereby preserving the value of draft picks. We'll see whose right.


p.s. do you post on HF as 'signaliinoise' ?


This sounds SOOOOOOO much like what's going on with my Canes. Golisano's comment:

"I understand that," Golisano said. "But we can't let their impatience drive us to bad decisions. . . . This is not a game of do whatever it takes and spend as much money as you need to get the best players. That doesn't guarantee results, for sure. What it requires is finding players who can work together as a unit that have complementary skills and also meet the dollar specifications."

reminds me so much of Peter Karmanos, and also of a famous quotation that we like to throw around down here. Remember Herb Brooks assembling his 1980 Olympic team? People though we was crazy. They thought he was leaving off some of the best players available.
Brooks said:
"I'm not looking for the best players. I'm looking for the right ones"

Tom L


Well, if either of our teams have half of the success as Herb Brooks did with the team he said that about, we both can be very happy fans.

Here's hoping they can pull it off.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tom L.

lou c

it seems as though the owners in hockey have a much better grasp on team success than all of the other major sports leagues. tom golisano is a self made man, he did not buy his business, he built it from the bottom up and is now a top fortune five hundred company consistantly. this proves that he has the mental ability to create rather than just produce. the people of ny should reconsider and elect him gov.

carl courter

please take a more active roll in the teams operation. larry quinn is not the answer. mike robataie is a joke. listen to his interview on wgr tonight (saturday) he stated the the sabres should play alot more relaxed tonight. excused me, you just lost to the lowly islanders, at home and your gonna be much more relaxed on the road. hello, ok, lets go to your other color man, rob ray, yeah, let's listen to someone who has scored maybe 5 goals in his 15 year career. hey tom, get off the sidelines and put your smarts to works, losing drury and breire is understandable but losing zubris was a avoibable loss. please look at mike r. work and see what a joke he is. thanks, carl

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