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Tuesday, 16 August 2005



That's just too damn funny. Can't wait until January 10th when the Wings come to Raleigh to play the Hurricanes--we might actually beat those motherfraggers!

Tom L


I'm glad you enjoyed that. Thanks for stopping by.


Greg Sabatini

Lidstrom, Schnieder, Kronvall, Fischer, Chelios. There's enough D there. With the extra room in the zone, they signed Delmore for his PP ability.

Though it could be like when the foolish Wings signed that aged washed-up defenceman that got booed out of Toronto. All Larry Murphy did was help the Wings to 2 cups. The 2 years he was paired with Lidstrom, he posted a +/- of 35 and 21 compared to his even average in the years before and after.

You seriously underestimate how good Nick Liddddddstrom is.

Guaranteed the Wings have a lower GA and more points than the Sabres this year.

Tom L


I think you took this post a little too seriously. I suggest valium.

And, for the record Larry Murphy is 100 times the defenseman Elmore is. The man is a slapshot with legs, and not even very good ones. But, if you want to dress a guy who cannot take a regular shift when the league allows wrestling, he's all yours.

Me? I thought Ken Holland knew better. Than again, he took Jason Woolley off our hands as well.


Greg Sabatini


Perhaps it was you who took my post too seriously.

The fact that I had never heard of Delmore before the Wings signed him tell me that he'll never be close to Larry Murphy.

My point is that they don't need him to play a regular shift. They've got 4 guys at least that can do that. They signed him to play special teams and quaterback the PP. They need a serviceable #5 or #6.

I'd be thrilled if the Wings resigned Wooley. -6 and 0 the 2 prior years in Buffalo, +12 and +19 with the Wings. Playoff stats weren't great with the Wings in those 2 years: 8 games, 1 Goal, 1 Pt, -3, but he is a solid #5 or #6 as well.

Tom L


The entire post originally was a complete joke, just like Elmore, which is who it was pointed at. That's it. That's all there was to it.

If you've not seen Elmore play (and I use that term loosely), then you really don't understand.

And, how else was I to take your comment? You didn't make it look or sound like sarcasm. If you intended it that way, then leave us some form of clue. It looked defensive. You still look defensive. Laugh a little, you'll feel better. Seriously.


Greg Sabatini

Just trying to engage in an intelligent discussion of hockey. Apparently, that's not what your blog is about.

Have fun watching your Sabroids this year. When I want to laugh, I'll tune them in on Center Ice.

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