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14 June 2007


Tom L


I told the NRA to go scratch (and with a string of invective a sailor would have been proud of) ages ago. They are nothing more than a mouthpiece for he GOP and an agent of gun control, by defining the parameters of how guns should be controlled.

For a real pro-gun group, try the Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownersship.... Those guys rule.... Mission statement: To end gun control. One need only to support the whole Bill of Rights to join.

Larry Pratt and the GOA lose serious points with me for not endorsing my candidacy for the Florida House in 2002 b/c I only scored 19 of 20 on his candidates test... even though the question I disagreed with blatantly called for federal usurpation of both state and local ordinances. The Federal government is not granted the power to tell the states that they can't have local gun control ordinances, even if Larry freaking Pratt doesn't like it. Jackass!

Another reactionary, money-grubbing blowhard, but better by far, than the NRA, the Neocons for the Registration of Armaments.



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