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18 August 2005



So WWR writes again. More drivel. Amazing that he calls himself a real southerner. I have lived here all my life and find that true southerners are men of God and try to emulate Robert E. Lee. Looks like you are more in line with Sherman. Lincoln would be proud. Kill innocent civilians and rape women. You are a filthy human. It wasn't a calvary charge.. it was a cavalry charge. Where has he been and what has he done? Do you measure your deeds by the places you have been? I'd better book a flight now! Southerner.. right. You bring shame to the title.

Tom L


First things first,
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

Second, it is because of the great example set by Lee and his compatriots that I can only refer to myself as being 'in-training.'

I can only hope to one day I'll be able to graduate.

Thanks again and be well.


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