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17 August 2005


The Eclectic Econoclast


A very touching (if overly self-deprecating, given your accomplishments and abilities) posting that should give everyone a reason to pause and reflect.

Tom L


Thanks so much. I wrote that for submission to LRC on monday and my e-mails to Lew got lost in the ether.

Honestly, I don't think I've accomplished all that much in this life. But, I also tend to hold myself to a standard I can't possibly live up to.

It's good to hear from you and I hope to be more active in the weeks to come.


Leslie Armstrong

Shit ... you're a subhuman groid?

Why don't you get a soul before you start trying to wax philosphic and shit?

Tom L


Thanks for stopping by and thinking it necessary to share that thought with me, whatever it is that it's supposed to mean.



Nice article but I disagree about some of your conclusions. Cindy Sheehan is forging new bonds and cutting old ones. She has sacrificed her family for her quest. Her husband is divorcing her and her son Andy has told her 'we need you, too.' Her grief and anger have turned to a deep selfishness that has destroyed her family. I don't support Bush, this war, or our imperial ambitions, it will end in ruin. But neither do I support Cindy Sheehan. She has ruined one of the building blocks of a free society/civilization, the family. That is an equivilant disaster to the war. The family stands as a bulwark against statism. The leftists that support her are statists, too. They would as easily sacrifice out liberties as the Right would. Congratulations on your wife's pregnancy. And did you choose the kilt?

Tom L


Most importantly, yes, I chose the Kilt. No way my wife would let me not.

Second, thank you.

Third, what you say about Mrs. Sheehan is true but this is obviously something she felt was necessary, whatever her reasons.

No decision we make is without cost. This one is having reprecussions for her. I'm not going to judge her, her husband or her son. It's not my place.

All I can do is recognize what she is willing to do for me so that I won't have to go through what she has. For that she has my eternal gratitude, whatever it's worth.

She's chosen a path that will cost her the rest of her family, so, to me, it's even more urgent that we support her now. Remember, her family could have chosen to support her. They did not.

The leftists who are supporting her are irrelevant, as odious as they might be.


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